Biz Success Training


Program Highlights


Just picture the scene – you commit to this group of new business owners that you will take action; that you will make things happen in the creation of your business.


Imagine for a moment – how would you feel if you had the power of accountability with an expert and committed colleagues? Wouldn’t it be great to study new strategies every single session, putting them into action regularly, and creating your dream business… all because you spaced out your education in do-able chunks, and you had a team of players to hold you accountable?


What it really boils down to is this… when you join my exclusive Biz Success Training program; you will join other men and women making that extra effort to do things that move your business into reality rather than just day-dreaming everyday. You will build solid, long-term relationships with people that are committed to creating healthy, successful businesses.


The Biz Success Training Program is a business club and MasterMind in its own right. It’s completely different to those typical “masterminds” that dish out information training every single month that is simply a rehash. These clubs are very impersonal and have no way of making your business the core focus.


With the Biz Success Training Program, we meet in a webinar format for twelve (12) 90-minute sessions teaching you the essentials of starting a business. Together we walk step-by-step through the process of setting up your business and build upon the foundation every time.


We make your business the core topic of the day. The training is very personalized to give you input on your challenges and to help you improve your results.


Think about it… Why do most people who want to get started give up?


They give up because they don’t know where or how to started and there’s NO focused help on their project. By becoming a part of this dynamic group, you will get my personalized help to keep you on track and help you build your business level by level.


This is the ultimate program that is completely affordable, yet completely personal for your business. You won’t even be paying thousands of dollars for personal mentoring.


The Biz Success Training Program is for you if …

  • You’re a newbie to business and want to learn the steps to getting started
  • You are a start-up business and want to establish yourself quickly
  • You want to stay abreast of the latest trends to attract people to your business
  • You’d love to form close bonds with other growth-minded women


By The End Of Your 12 Session Training…

  • You will have business strategy complete.
  • You will have defined your marketing strategy.
  • You will have a written business plan.
  • You will have formed a strong bond with like-minded business women and a mastermind for future success.
  • BEST OF ALL: You Will Be Ready to Fully Implement All The New Strategies. (6 months is a good time to give it) Some of you even before the program ends will have started the business and will be making sales feeling fully supported by everyone in the Program!

Here’s what is included in your Biz Success Training To Starting a Business Program:


1. 12 Live 90-Minute Group Meetings – $2,250 Value


This is the real “secret weapon” to your success – your personal team of entrepreneurs working together to solve each others problems, with Susan herself leading your session.


You’ll learn new steps, discuss the importance of each one, commit to action and be held accountable to do what you need to create your business. You will be amazed at what these sessions will do for your confidence and your future business.

The late inspirational speaker Jim Rohn said that we are the average of the 5 people we spend most time with, so it’s important to surround yourself with people who are moving in the same direction as you. This will give you the opportunity to build strong, long-term relationships with businesswomen that are as committed as you are.


This is simply your “cannot miss” event because it’s where great ideas are turned into

massive action.


2. Member Call-In Days Once A Month – $1,172 Value


Very similar to private consulting, I have set up a day every month where YOU have the
opportunity to call-in and talk to me about your business challenges.

These days will be announced at each session, set up as “open call” hours so you can call me up for a mini-consultation. Some people call this “laser coaching”, and it’s extremely effective.

You’ll come to the call prepared with quick and specific questions. If you are prepared, I’ll give you the quick and specific answers you need to move forward and get the results you want, in 20 minutes or less. These consultations really pay off BIG!


3. Members-Only Forum – $597Value


In addition to the direct access you’ll have to me each month, you’ll have access to all the other peers in the group via a collaborative forum. Using your group of peers, you’ll get even more feedback, accountability, brainstorming and resources.

You are encouraged to send your assignments to the group, and ask questions as often as you like, get guidance and support. Trust me, there’s nothing like a fast-paced group of peers to get you into action, keep you accountable, and stay disciplined to create results! Most of all, you’ll find the camaraderie and encouragement very rewarding. This critical component is one that usually women just don’t have access to, but we are going to change that. (I will pop in there once in a while to answer questions too).


4. MasterMind Groups – Priceless


Eighty-three percent of entrepreneurs rate masterminding with peers as their number one reason for success! What is a MasterMind Group? It’s like a Board of Directors, a peer advisory group, and a support group all rolled into one. Everyone has one common goal: to contribute to each other’s success. Some groups meet in person, others by phone. Some get together once a week, some twice a month and others meet every month. There’s no single template, but the results are the same: Magically, everyone’s results get better.

You might be saying, “So, Susan, What’s My Investment In This Biz Success Training?”


Similar programs which I ran in person in the past were the equivalent of $800 a month so

the 12 sessions over a 6-month period worked out to $4,800 per person.


Of course, these participants were happy because they all developed their plans and strategies for doubling and tripling their income so it’s easy to see why it was such a great investment for them.


But I wanted to make this even greater value than those courses. I want you to have no excuses – it’s time for you to achieve to your potential without any reasons to put it off or excuses for avoiding moving forward on your dream. Particularly, I want to offer a program that empowers women to move forward on their dreams of a business.


So it has to be extremely affordable, even for a start-up newbie business. It’s also great to work with a group all focused on starting their first business if you’re nervous about whether you do it. You will have my support along with the support of the group.


At just $2,495 which breaks down to just $415.50 per month (for a total of six months), it’s quite seriously the cheapest way to get my personal involvement in your business – and in a committed group. I want to make this program so affordable that women will jump at the chance to do it.


Honestly, I know it’s going to be worth at least 10 times more than what it’s priced at, but this is the special rate that you can lock-in to today. I don’t know when I will run the Biz Success Training Program again, but I can assure you the fee will be much higher.


I created the Biz Success Training Program as a 12-session program. It’s for serious individuals who are prepared to work month-in, month-out to learning and implementing the key steps to create their own business. This program is all about turning your dream into a reality while working along side with other like-minded individuals.

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