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The image of an entrepreneur is rapidly changing. They are younger and more than 35% of them are women; with more joining the ranks on a regular basis.


Today there are 9.1 million women-owned businesses in the US alone; which represents nearly 40% of all American businesses. These women-owned businesses employ 27.5 million people; a staggering 35% more than all the Fortune 500 companies combined.


In an online survey about entrepreneurship commissioned by the Kauffman Foundation of 2,438 young people aged between 8 and 21, it was discovered that 4 in 10 of these youngsters would like to start their own business in the future. Further another 37% of those participating in the survey saw owning a business as a possibility.
Their top reasons for wanting their own business are probably similar to yours.


  • 92% said they want to use their skills and abilities
  • 89% see building something for their future as important
  • 87% just want to be their own boss
  • while 81% would like to see their ideas come into fruition
  • and 85% want to earn lots of money


These results were from the 2007 and were further substantiated by the follow up survey completed in 2010 with double the number of participants.


Gone are the old ways of thinking that one must pay their dues by starting at the bottom and working their way up. These young people see business ownership as a natural starting point.


This trend is already starting as evidenced by these young female entrepreneurs. Both ladies were identified as one of the top 15 young female entrepreneurs by and are running multi-million dollar companies.


Juliette Brindak, Age 22, founder of


Juliette penned her first Miss O character at the age of 10. As a 13 year old, she started the company along with the support of her family. In 2006, at age 16, Juliette launched her first bookand it has sold over 200,000 copies. Her business is focused on developing the self-esteem and sense of self for the tween market – girls between the ages of 8 and 12. Her business is now worth $15 Million.


Kyle Smitley, Age 25, founder of Barley & Birch


While doing a scientific research for a high-end clothing boutique, she discovered that many businesses claiming to be making eco-friendly clothing for children were actually lying. Determined to change the industry and make safe, environmentally friendly clothing for children; Kyle started her organic clothing line for kids in 2009 during her first year of law school.


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