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5 Tips To Re-invigorate Your Business

Everything that is alive can stagnate without you being aware of it.  This can happen in your business too.  Here are 5 simple actions you can take to bring new life to your business.

  1. De-clutter Your Office
    Go through the piles of papers and get rid of the junk.  Chances are at least half of it can be thrown out and some may be filed.  Make quick decisions because the first thought will be correct.  If something has been overlooked, make it an action item in your calendar. Dispose of or put away any other clutter gathering dust such as newspapers, books, folders, etc.  A simple question to ask yourself as you go through this process is:  Will this help my business grow?
  2. Put in a New Plant
    Plants give you a better quality air and metaphorically they will add life to your business.  Nurture the plant and your customers giving both what they need to be strong, healthy and happy. When you look at the plant, think of your business.
  3. Do Something Different
    Just like with the clutter, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut.  Look at your business with fresh eyes and find something that you can do that you’ve never done before and see what happens.  Call clients to find out what’s working, not working or missing for them in the area that you serve.  This isn’t so much as selling them something more, but to have a different conversation with them then you may have had in the past.  Look at your marketing materials and websites to see if there’s a new and better way of promoting your company.
  4. Try Someone New
    Take a look to see if any of your employees or vendors are holding your business back from growing.  It could be time to try another resource to see if it makes a difference in the business.  It could be as simple as doing a small test along side what you are normally doing and see if you produce a different outcome. Determine if there any tasks can be eliminated.
  5. Be Grateful
    Looking for things to be grateful about is one of the fastest ways to shift your energy.  When you focus this on your business, you can shift the energy of the business.  If there are certain clients that you are grateful for, use this opportunity to determine how you can attract more clients like them to your business. Include all the people, events and things about your business in expressing your gratitude.  Practice this daily.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of these actions and therefore neglect to do them.  Each one individually will have an impact and doing all of them will completely re-invigorate your business.

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